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AGM 2019

CCPS recently held and concluded its AGM 2019 on the 23rd April 2019. The society welcomes our new office bearers as follows:

1.Mr Craig Richards (Apigate) – Vice President
2.Ms Nur Haryati Hisham (Mesiniaga) – Secretary
3.Mr Michael Chew (MAHSA University) – Treasurer

We have also appointed new auditors as follows:

1.Dr Jeffrey Bannister (Orbitage) – Auditor
2.Dr Stephen Hall (Sunway University) – Auditor

This year’s AGM reported on last year’s significant event and also minuted activities planned for the society’s new year. Some of the upcoming anticipated activities include

•Active participation as a member of the Malaysian Board of Technologist (MBoT) Technical Expert Panel (TEP).
•Active Contribution towards the multi government agency efforts for Microcertification and mutual recognition/alignment of professional, academic and skills frameworks in Malaysia.
•Development of an API competencies sub-framework under the Info-Tech Track of the Professional Competence Framework.
•Active activation of the Professionals Bank and the SME Registry within CCPS
•Revamping and relaunch of the CCPS website as well as increasing active presence on social media channels
•More networking events for CCPS Members
•Another round of CCPS Industry Professional Workshop Series
•Support of the international TADs events to cultivate and encourage the upskilling/reskilling of Malaysian talent to feed the demand for new skills sets this digital age.

There will be more activities scheduled as the society moves through the year. If you are keen on receiving updates, please do register your interest with us.

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