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Nov 17, 2014
Category: General
Posted by: admin

CCPS has received a request for practical IPv6 training, details as follows:



We have published Issue 1 of our newsletter. Please click the button to read.

Why should my organisation become a member?

Being a member of CCPS provides the following benefits:

General Benefits

  1. Exclusive "By Invitation Only" to Events/Conferences/Forums
  2. Access to industry statistics, reports & whitepapers (both HR and Technology related)
  3. Access to Approved Knowledge Centres & Accredited Training Programs
  4. Access to Code of Conduct, Standards and Route to Professionalism in the Industry
  5. Access to Professional Competence Framework (PCF) Descriptors for competence & skills alignment
  6. Access to Newsletters and society updates

Organisation Benefits

    1. Access to Competence Management Tools/Platforms
    2. Fresh Graduate Recruitment Talentpool
    3. Partnership Collaboration
      1. Fresh Graduate Upskilling (GEMS2.0)
      2. Competence Profiling
      1. Sharing of Industry Best Practices
      2. Incentives & Funding for upskilling aligned to the PCF
      3. Access to Approved Consultants List (both Technical & HR Consultancy)

IHL Benefits

      1. Industry Collaboration - Internship, career fairs, Industry talks & sponsorship etc
      2. Access to Industry Expert Panel/Industry Leaders Council - assist in curriculum development and feedback
      3. Access to the "Fresh Graduate Recruitment Tool" for graduates and/or graduating students
      4. Incentives & Funding for upskilling aligned to the PCF (Graduate Employability Programs/Initiatives)
      5. Incentives & Funding for embedding of programs aligned to the PCF (Strategic Graduate Employability Initiatives)

National Benefits

    1. Skilled workforce capacity building
    2. Access to Industry Expert Panel/Industry Leaders Council
    3. Promotion of the adoption of National Professional Standards across both public and private sectors
    4. Access to benchmarks and data related to skilled professionals in the ICT sector
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