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President's Message

  • On behalf of the CCPS Executive Committee, I would like to thank all Members and partners for your continued support as we move forward towards bringing benefits to all stakeholders in Malaysia’s talent ecosystem.
  • CCPS is recognised as a body that focuses on capability development and the enhancement of professionalism in the industry based upon the strong foundations of a talent ecosystem comprising of government agencies/Ministries, multiple industry sectors, Institutes of higher Learning as well as the individual working professionals.
  • The Professional Competency Framework (PCF) as it stands today is the work of many passionate, contributing members. In order to support IR4.0 and the digital transformation age, the PCF will see continued efforts to ensure its viability in today’s and tomorrow’s context.
  • CCPS also seeks to ensure professionalism is recognised, encouraged and maintained amongst working professionals and graduating talents by working with Malaysian Board of Technologists.
  • The talent journey ahead is exciting and unchartered. I invite all members to embark on this journey to define the talent landscape for Malaysia and the region in this digital age.
  • It is my hope that the society continues to thrive with the same passions and convictions that it was founded on and that we continue to grow in member numbers across industries and geographical boundaries.
  • I look forward to your continued support.




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