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What is the CCPS Professional Competence Framework (PCF)?

All Nations require a competent, highly skilled workforce. This framework provides a structured approach to build competence in telecommunications, computer networking & IT by providing a lifelong learning pathway for your technical staff. Technical areas include “new” Internet, Network & Information Security, IT Frameworks, Project Management, system admin, Regulatory, Cloud Computing and 4G (LTE). It is designed to build transferable skills and confidence as well as competence in analysis, planning & troubleshooting through hands-on training and mentoring. “Quality in all aspects” is the defining principle. The basic requirements for the framework were identified as follows:

  • – Develop confidence in participants
  • – Enhance critical thinking in participants
  • – Designed to promote transferrable skills
  • – Vendor independence
  • – Assess technical competence in a rigorous manner that did not rely just on multiple choice questions but brought in “competence assessment” in line with National goals for benchmarking
  • – Provide a competence development roadmap for participants

Phase 1 of the PCF is completed, this was a monumental task that required the input and guidance of many technical experts and HR practitioners over a number of years.

Our members are currently working on the detailed descriptors for this phase. The descriptors will provide a reference to:

  • – Facilitate better communications between HR and technical teams for structured competence management
  • – Identify competences so that training providers can use it to develop and align their training programs to identified industry requirements in a structured manner
  • – Provide both of the above with a mechanism for measuring competence
  • We rely on continued input and advice from members and external parties to ensure these descriptors meet the needs of industry and have value to both technical teams and competence management professionals.


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