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Nov 17, 2014
Category: General
Posted by: admin

CCPS has received a request for practical IPv6 training, details as follows:



We have published Issue 1 of our newsletter. Please click the button to read.

Academic Liaison Working Group

Forging Links between Industry and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs)

As highlighted on the ecosystem, an essential part of the roadmap is effective communications between Industry and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL).

We will be establishing a Working Group (WG) comprising of CCPS members and other interested parties to act as a single point of contact with IHLs. This WG will drive the liaison with IHLs and assist them in adapting programs to align closer to industry requirements and hence enhance fresh graduate employment prospects. CCPS members will be updated on when this will take place and are encouraged to nominate a representative from their organisation for this Working Group.

If you wish to participate, please send us a request from the Contact Us page.