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CCPS Ecosystem For Sustainability

The CCPS ecosystem brings together stakeholders from Government agencies, Industry and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) to develop a sustainable pipeline of graduates that have competence and knowledge inline with industry requirements. Feedback to IHLs will assist them in adapting programs to include further aspects of competence development through a student centred approach to learning which will enhance the confidence, analysis and critical thinking competence of students.

The outcomes are:

– The Nation will benefit from having a highly skilled workforce that has transferrable skills and a mindset of “continuous learning”

– IHLs will benefit through the linkages with industry to ensure that their graduates have enhanced employment prospects

– Industry will benefit from aligning these fresh graduates to a “personal upskilling roadmap” based on the Professional Competence Framework, thus organisations have a structured way to ensure they have the “right” competences at the “right” time.

Below is the diagram of the ecosystem showing the relevant stakeholders and how they link together.

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