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Background to CCPS

  • In 2007, a number of passionate and forward thinking professionals from a range of high profile organisations identified the need for developing measuring staff in a structured manner to ensure their organisations remain competitive. It was clear that the “our staff are our best asset” slogan and the “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” adage needed something to back them up.
  • These perceptive individuals from both technical and non-technical backgrounds understood that the ICT industry needed a competence management strategy that was inclusive of industry, government agencies, institutes of higher learning, other interested parties as well as independent experts. Understanding that this was a national issue, these organisations rose to the challenge to develop this agenda together.
  • From this collaborative effort, in 2011 CCPS was established as a non-profit organization under the Registrar of Societies in Malaysia (RoS) to formalise this initiative.
  • We are pleased to state that CCPS now has representatives from some of the leading employers and public listed companies in Malaysia, representing diverse industry sectors including telecoms, IT, banking finance and oil gas. These members have come together to create a sustainable ecosystem that promotes and cultivates competence management and to build a professional competence framework for structured competence development measurement. CCPS provides a forum to liaise with Government agencies and Institutes of Higher Learning to promote this ecosystem and competence framework. CCPS has formed close working relationships with a number of Government ministries and agencies including the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).
  • In 2014, RoS has approved amendments to our constitution as proposed at the AGM to permit CCPS to admit representation for organisations outside of Malaysia. We believe that this will make CCPS an even stronger organization and assist countries in the region in structured competence development, benchmarking of competence development as well as sharing & promoting industry best practices. This is an exciting new phase for CCPS and we look forward to championing an inclusive model for competence development for the region.
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